Metcalfe Kits

Metcalfe PO246  Railway Bridge Brick Style - OO Gauge

Metcalfe PO246  Railway Bridge Brick Style Card Kit 00 Gauge..


Metcalfe PO250  Stone Built Manor Farm House - OO Gauge

Metcalfe PO250  Stone Built Manor Farm House Card Kit Brand: Metcalfe Part Number: PO250 S..


Metcalfe PO251  Manor Farm Barn & Tractor Shed - OO Gauge

Metcalfe PO251  Manor Farm Barn & Tractor Shed Brand: Metcalfe Part Number: PO251 Scale /..


Metcalfe PO252  Manor Farm Buildings (Cow Shed ) - OO Gauge

Metcalfe PO252  Manor Farm Buildings (Cow Shed) Brand: Metcalfe Part Number: PO252 Scale / Ty..


Metcalfe PO253  Village School - OO Gauge

Metcalfe PO253  Village School Brand: Metcalfe Part Number: PO253 Scale / Type: OO Scale ..


Metcalfe PO254  Village Shop - OO Gauge

Metcalfe PO254  Village Shop Brand: Metcalfe Part Number: PO254 Scale / Type: OO Scale ..


Metcalfe PO256 Stables Card Kit - OO Gauge

Metcalfe PO256 Stables Card Kit A country stable block with laser cut parts. The kit comes as two buildings, the main stable block and a co..


Metcalfe PO257 Grange House OO Gauge Card Kit

Metcalfe PO257 Grange House Card KitBrand:MetcalfePart Number:PO257Our Code:MEPO257A beautifully proportioned country home..


Metcalfe PO258 Gardener's Cottage OO Gauge Card Kit

Metcalfe PO258 Gardener's Cottage Card KitBrand:MetcalfePart Number:PO258Our Code:MEPO258A quaint village cottage with laser cut detailing, suita..


Metcalfe PO259 Crofter's Cottage OO Gauge Card Kit

Metcalfe PO259 Crofter's Cottage Card KitBrand:MetcalfePart Number:PO259Our Code:MEPO259This tiny little rural cottage has an optional adjoining ..


Metcalfe PO261 Red Brick Terraced Houses - OO Gauge

Metcalfe PO261  MEPO261 OO RED BRICK TERRACED HOUSES Brand: Metcalfe Part Number: PO261 Scale..


Metcalfe PO262 Terraced Houses Stone - OO Gauge

Metcalfe PO262  Terraced Houses Stone Brand: Metcalfe Part Number: PO262 Scale / Type: OO..


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