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Peco LK-55 Turntable – OO Gauge


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Peco LK-55  Turntable

Item is Un-made kit.

Plastic Kit

Brand: Peco
Part Number: LK-55
Scale / Type: OO Scale
Our Code: PELK-55
This easily assembled model is based on a Ransome and Rapier well type turntable, supplied to many railways both at home and overseas. The kit contains detailed plastic mouldings, rail and electrical contacts. As supplied, the deck is simply rotated by hand, but it can be mechanised or motorised if desired using Meccano or similar components. The centre pivot mouldings incorporates a hole that is a force-fit for a Meccano axle or No. 8 gauge wire. Suitable for use with Universal (code 100) and fine (code 75) track. Special adaptor plates are included in the kit to suit the different rail heights. Overall diameter: 327mm, Hole required: 309mm, Deck length:305mm, Depth below baseboard:31mm.
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