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Repair Services

Repair Service

AGR Repair Service

The AGR Model Railway Store can assist you with your repairs for getting your locomotive working again or back to the manufacturer to be fixed.

Please note that we are busy at the moment with repairs and other services, our current turn around time is 2-6 weeks


AGR DCC install

Have a loco that you want a decoder installing in? We can fit both DCC Ready and non DCC locos

Standard DCC or Fully fitted DCC sound Service

Why not add a cab light or firebox light, and working headlamps ?

All can be done at the AGR Model Railway Store


AGR Lighting install

Here at AGR, we are able to add in working lighting on both analogue & DCC, these lighting conversions add so much more realism to your engines and coaching stock.


AGR Weathering

Here at AGR, we are able to add weathering to your model’s, from simple under dirt frame to fully covered end of life look.

Why not enquire for any of your need’s today ?




AGR does offer a Home visit service, we can provide help for types of needs.

Buildings of your layout, Point Motor Instals, Fixing Layout problems

Light installs, wiring layouts and much more!

Simply email us

With your problem / needs / wants and your location.

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